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Sometimes the key to success is listening and taking advice from others. Actor Marcus Spencer with his strong will to overcome any obstacle thrown his way knew right off to listen, observe, take notes and ask questions when the opportunity presented itself. With his tall stature, Big Spence realized real quick that becoming a leading man would be one of those obstacles. When the opportunity presented itself he asked Vince Vaughn  who is a tall man how he became a leading man. With the advice from Vaughn and his faith in God, Big Spence founded his own film company and cast himself in a lead role and has not looked back ever since. SayWhatNews sat down with Big Spence and discussed his life and rising career in TV and film.


SayWhatNews: Good morning Big Spence. Thanks for taking the time and speaking with SayWhatNews. First tell us, who is Big Spence? 


Big Spence: Big Spence is a regular guy with dreams of changing the world. Big Spence is a God fearing, loving father, hard working, humanitarian who things more through his heart than his brain. Big Spence is a thinker, a man that values education and a man who goes in to fix problems instead of complaining about them. Big Spence is a born teacher, a man that loves to sing and play Sudoku.


SayWhatNews: Now, at a young age and being one out of six kids (all boys) you became "a ward of the court" and then your grandmother stepped in and raised you. With so many obstacles at such a young age, how did you overcome and decide to take control of your life?


Big Spence: From an early age I knew what I did not want my life to be. My grandmother was and still is an amazing woman that I don't see nearly enough these days. My grandmother kept me so busy with activities that I didn't see all of the obstacles that were there until now as grown Big Spence, I look back at the fact I was in sports (basketball, football, baseball, track), band (trumpet, snare drum, congas) and even sang. I guess the saying is true, "an idle mind is a devil's playground," and my mind was always engaged. I knew that grades were important but even more was knowledge. I knew what I didn't want out of life from a young age so my job was to have a better life than what was expected.


SayWhatNews: At the age of 16 you started acting with local theatrical productions. What inspired you to become an actor?


Big Spence: My first time acting was at the age of 12. I was in a D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance through Education) program at my school in 6th grade and the officer over my class asked the class to come up with a 10 minute skit for the D.A.R.E. Graduation. Of course I was the one that wrote it and I was the lead in it... The skit was about bullying and peer pressure. Later in my high school years I came back to acting as a way to get an easy A. Whenever I had a group presentation in English or History I'd get my group together and we'd act whatever the material was on tape. When it was time to present to the class we would show the video and I'd always get an A. Whenever I had a group presentation in English or History I'd get my group together and we'd act whatever the material was on tape. When it was time to present to the class we would show the video and I'd always get an A. My grandmother was also a theater performer when I was young. She would sometimes walk around the house and for no reason break out in a rehearsed monologue. She would really grab your emotions and that's what inspired me. I wanted to make people feel things.


SayWhatNews: Your real name is Marcus Spencer. So how did the name Big Spence come to be?


Big Spence: I was always an athlete and I played competitively through school. My last name is Spencer and that's the name that was printed on the back of all of my jerseys. People from all over just called me 'Spence' for short. Once I reached adulthood I decided to play semi-pro football (Bay Area Assassin's) so I gained a lot of mass. After football I chose to start acting and my first set starred Will Smith (Pursuit of Happyness). After meeting Will he asked my name, I replied "everyone calls me Spence..." After hearing the reasoning Will then called me "Big Spence." and the name stuck, I guess you can say Will christened me with the name. Kinda...


SayWhatNews: So your first film was Pursuit of Happyness, What was it like working on a major production film with Will Smith?


Big Spence: Working with Will was a great experience. I think if the experience hadn't been as amazing as it was I probably wouldn't be acting today. The beauty of working on that particular film was it was also Jaden Smiths' first film so everything Will was teaching Jaden, he was also teaching me. Will also answered questions that I asked; it was a very friendly set. I learned how to talk to a director (teachings were directed to Jaden). Will told me to always give the editor things to choose from and many other tips that I still use today.


SayWhatNews: Big Spence, you have worked alongside some very talented actors like Brad Pitt (Moneyball), Terrance Howard (On The Road) and David Duchovny (Californication), just to name a few. How amazing is it for you to watch first hand your dreams coming true? 


Big Spence: For me it's a wonderful thing to do what I love and work with many people that I grew up watching. I've received advice from many, so what's more amazing for me is to pay it forward. I love helping others and I figure, I've had so much help from people who didn't know me... How could I not help the people around me? Watching people that I've helped thrive; now that's amazing to me.


SayWhatNews:  Vince Vaughn, who is an established Actor/Producer/Director, gave you some sound advice about how to overcome the stigma of being too tall to be a leading male actor in a film. Tell us about that moment and what was the advice he gave you?


Big Spence: Prior to working with Vince my acting coach (Tom Blank) and I had a talk. Tom told me I needed to gain weight or lose weight... He said I was too 'big' to be the leading male and too 'small' to be the Big Goon.. He told me the "unwritten" rules about size. When I met Vince I asked him how he became a lead, due to the fact that he's taller than the average lead. He told me that he produced his first film (Swingers) and made himself a lead. From then on, people saw his talent not his height. He advised me to make myself a lead then people will believe.


SayWhatNews: With your acting hat on, what actor/actress would you love to work with and why?


Big Spence: I would love to work with Mathew McConaughey, Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, Viola Davis and many more. I think all these that I named are great at what they do; it's all about the choices that people make.


SayWhatNews: Besides working on films, you have also worked on the small screen for example: Brooklyn Nine-NineShameless, and True Blood. Which do you find more challenging, film or TV?


Big Spence: I think TV is more challenging. The acting is very different due to time constraints. For film you have the power to stretch your lines on a show, you talk much faster, the pauses are shorter between sentences as well. Your job is to get everything in the show within 30 mins so very often the conversation feels rushed and unnatural. 


SayWhatNews: In 2010, you started your own production company, Touch The Heart Productions AKA T.T.H. Productions which is a Christian based film company. What inspired you to start a Christian based film company?


Big Spence: It's a Christian film company not 'Christian Based.' I only correct that because the films will not all be rated G and characters in my films will not always live happily ever after. God will be in every film and the films I create will have messages but will also be true to life. I started the film company to first make me a lead however, I prayed over the company when I started and I knew God had to be in every film. Secondly, I knew if I owned the company then I would have the ability to put out the messages that I wanted to get out. It's great being able to control content. It's a Christian film company because a Christian owns it, ME.


SayWhatNews: Big Spence you teamed up with Michael Fredianelli to help bring your vision to the screen. How did this partnership come to be? 


Big Spence: I was talent on a previous film that Michael Fredianelli wrote, directed and edited Money For Angels. I saw how great that film came out so I contacted him and offered him a job. This film would definitely not be the same without his expertise. Fredianelli was my director of photography and the editor for Set Me Free.


SayWhatNews: Your independent film, Set Me Free recently premiered at the 12th Annul Oakland International Film Festival. What was that experience like?


Big Spence: Having Set Me Free premier at the Oakland International Film Festival was a great accomplishment especially since the film was shot primarily in Oakland. It also had a world premiere, red carpet and all. I'm glad it was able to screen there in the city I was born and most of the cast were able to attend. 


SayWhatNews: Big Spence you are an actor, writer, producer and director. When do you find time to relax?


Big Spence: To relax I talk and teach my children. I relax when I see a light bulb go off in their heads, I love learning and I love even more that they love learning too. I go swimming for relaxation, batting cages, golfing, working out, gun ranges, stage plays, singing... Definitely singing and roller coasters. I love them too. Big Spence is a regular guy that likes regular things.


SayWhatNews: What's next in the future for Big Spence?


Big Spence: Currently The American Dream, another film I wrote, produced and starred in is gearing up for a 2014 summer screening I am also working on a couple future projects. In between time I'm working as an actor in many other television and film projects. 


by: SayWhatNews!

Published: June 1st, 2014 

World News Report - 

Actor Big Spence Makes His Directorial Debut With His film, "Set Me Free" 

Film maker Big Spence continues to act, write, produce and now direct moralistic, Independent films. In 2010, Spence started ‘Touch The Heart Productions’. T.T.H. Productions is a Christian based film company he started due to his passion to make films that would not only tell a good story, but send true to life messages with Christian undertones. Big Spence’s current project, Set Me Free written by himself and co-writer, Wiennie Mac, It’s about four boys to men, still best friends surviving a tough neighborhood. As their plans for liberation intersect and oppose one another, who ultimately will be set free?

Big Spence has put together a dynamic cast and crew to bring his vision to the screen. Michael Fredianelli was brought on to co-direct and edit this masterpiece as this is his 15th directorial touch. With the Independent film industry becoming so competitive these days, film makers must make sure they put out quality product. Spence does just that. He never settles for anything less than quality. With actors like James Franco throwing their hats into the Indie ring and gaining financing off their ‘popularity’, it makes the competitive market that much harder to rise in. Big Spence has already had successes with his previous Indie films such as, The Shop which he co-produced along with M. Shawn Cunningham. With Set Me Free, Spence has stepped up his game. This young independent film maker/actor is definitely making strides to the top.

Writing and producing are not Big Spence’s only passion; he enjoys the acting and now directing aspects as well. In Set Me Free Spence portrays one of the main characters, ‘Kenny’. Kenny is a full-time college student who is living as ‘half’ of a dysfunctional relationship, while he acts as dad to his girlfriend’s young daughter. Now put all that in a pot and mix it with the streets of Oakland, California. This film is meant not only to entertain, but to educate as well. There are many lessons to be learned in this film. The ensemble cast includes Big Spence (Milk Money), Skipper Elekwachi (Licks), Alphonso Thompson (Towniz), Alan ‘A. Wal’ Walker (City At War), Jonez Cain (Watch Phoenix Rise), Timothy A. Slater (The Shop), Ke’Shay Love (Story Of Eva), Steven C. Johnson (Fruitvale Station) and introducing Anquenitta Williams who is also an executive producer on the project. This film is sure to touch your heart as it makes you laugh, makes you cry, keeps you on the edge of your seat and most of all; enlighten your mind.

Big Spence is now in post-production on Set Me Free which was filmed in the Bay Area, California. He is determined to bring a good moral lesson, along with his knack for quality to the screen. Set Me Free will  be taking the film festival circuit by storm starting early 2014.


by: SayWhatNews

Published: September 18th, 2013 

World News Report -


Reno resident and upcoming actor, 'Brian Perry' recently landed a role in the film Set Me Free, written and directed by Big Spence.  Big Spence is the CEO and Founder of 'Touch The Heart Productions,' a California based film company.  Set Me Free recently wrapped up filming in the Bay Area, California.  Brian Perry embraced this opportunity and the chance to play this part with an outstanding cast and crew, acknowledging Spencer's direction taught him a lot.

Perry's character, 'Rasheed' is an older man, gruff by nature. A man who has been physically, verbally and emotionally abusive to his son especially since he came back from the war. As a result of his abusive behavior, Rasheed's son (Alphonso Thompson) follows his dad's lead making for life to be a bit challenging.  As the story unfolds, a revelation occurs that opens more than ones set of eyes.  Perry was pleased to be acting along side wonderful talent like Big Spence (Milk Money), Steven C. Johnson (Fruitvale Station) and Alphonso Thompson (Townbiz), as well as the rest of the amazing cast in a film filled with emotion, entertainment and moralistic lessons.

Recently Brian Perry has been seen not only on film sets, but also modeling on runways between Nevada and California.  He recently participated in the 'Reno Vanity Fashion Show,' representing 'Hiram's Closet' and 'Banana Republic.'  Perry has wrapped up his part on the film, Set Me Free and has many projects coming up for 2013-2014. Big Spence and Touch The Heart Productions has projected a release date of November, 2013 for the film Set Me Free


by: Suzanne M.

Published: September 15th, 2013 

Caymanmama Press -



Actor Big Spence: Cowboys and Whisky   

Actor, Big Spence takes on a whole new challenge as a cowboy named 'Jack-Knife' in the upcoming film, The Last Wolf of Ezo, written and directed by Eduardo Castrillo.  The Last Wolf of Ezo is about a samurai, Karukan (Daniel J. Kim), who's fiance, Asami (Alexa Gama), is cursed with turning into a werewolf.  She has killed his master and the people of his village, creating chaos wherever the beast roams.  Karukan travels to the old west, where she has fled, to hunt her down and kill her, ending the cures.

Big Spence plays a 'take no mess' kind of guy.  Although Spence is use to playing a take no mess character in some of his previous films, this character is a bit different.  Big Spence portrays a cowboy, Whisky and all. Whisky was the name of his horse.  During a recent interview Spence acknowledged his enthusiasm in playing this character, researching the traits and portraying his character 'Jack-Knife' with the utmost accuracy.  Rumor has is, during recent filming Spence was thrown from his horse however, it true Spence fashion, he got right back on thanks to his 13 year old trainers assistant Savannah and his 'all in a days work' attitude.  Big Spence much like his character 'Jack-Knife' takes no mes from anyone or anything.

The Last Wolf of Ezo is being filmed between Palm Springs, CA and the Bay Area, CA.  The film is slated for showing in summer 2014.


by: Suzanne M.

Published: August 2nd, 2013 

Caymanmama Press -

Oakland native 'Big Spence' debuts "Milk Money"

Actor Marcus Spencer found his pah in film after a brief but illuminating conversation with Vince Vaughn.


It was 2008, and Spencer, an Oakland native and former semipro football player, was working as an extra on the set of Vaughn's "Four Christmases." Like Vaughn, Spencer exceeded Hollywood's height and weight standards for a leading man. The young black actor had to know how the 6-foot-5 Vaughn defied the odds. "I wrote 'Swingers,' "Vaughn told Big Spence, as he's known in the industry. Once they see you as a leading man, they will hire you as one."


He took the advice. In 2009, Spencer began writing "Milk Money," a drama set in 2030 about Banneker (Spencer), a working-class Oakland resident who is forced a futuristic drug called milk in order to support his dying aunt. The film, which debuts July 15 at Berkeley's Elmwood Theater draws on Spencer's life growing up in Oakland and Richmond. In advance of childhood and why he could be the Tyler Perry of the Bay Area.


Q. How did you get your start in the film industry?


A. I modeled while I attended Albany High School and always went to drama class to watch them perform and thought it was something I could do. All the agents said I had a great look but I was too big. I was 6-foot-2, 300 pounds, with a size 52 pant. Too big to play male lead too small to be the big goon. I finally got my break on "The Pursuit of Happyness." I worked three days, 22 hours a day, and in those three days, it felt like I had a real family. I cried because I didn't want to leave. I knew this is what I wanted to do.


Q. "Milk Money" is inspired by some of the events in your life. Can you explain? 


A. My junior year  in high school, I moved to Sacramento and was recruited to play football for Sacramento State. I turned them down to take care of my birth mom, who was sick with emphysema. I'd been in foster care with my grandma since I was 8 months old and hadn't too much of my mom, but at the end day, she was still my mom. I wanted to spend time with her and get to know her, so I worked two jobs and supported us. She ended up living for seven years. She passed away in 2006, the same year I started acting, so I had to raise my 13-year old brother from eight grade through high school.


Q. What do you want people to take away from the film?


A. That all things are possible and that God works in his time. It has Christian undertones. I'm also trying to bring art back to cinema. The way it's shot, the way it sounds. It's a work of art.


Q.  How did you fund the movie?


A. With money from a commercial I did for Sony camera back in 209. It paid $45,000, and I made the movie for $50,000.


Q. How did you hook up with director Samm Styles?


A. When I worked on "The Pursuit of Happyness," there was a production assistant on set name L. Lamar Stewart. Every big set I worked on, he was on there, and introduced me to Samm, who is also from Oakland. That's how it is in (the) San Francisco (film community). It's small, so if you're good, you're in everything, and you get to know everyone.


Q. What's your next project? What do you hope to achieve with your films?


A. I have two. I have a film in post-production called "The American Dream." It's about two friends who grew up together and play football. One is half Indian and is dealing with issues of having a single mom. The other is black and has a heart condition he hides from everyone. The third film I wrote is "Set Me Free," and we'll start shooting that this fall. It's about three friends in their mid-20s who have different things holding them back from being successful in life.


I try to make sure my films aren't a waste of time. People come to the Bay Area because it's diverse, but all the films made here tend to be black or white. "Milk," "Fruitvale," "Red Tails." I want my films to reflect our diversity and edutain. Both educate and entertain people.


by: Jessica Y.

Published: July 5th, 2013 

Mercury News -

Big Spence's Film Milk Money to be Released

Independent film maker Big Spence is about to premiere one of his best and most cleverly written films, Milk Money, a film Spencer was inspired to write due to Obama being in office, health care being a mess in the United States and his own personal faith in God. Big Spence wanted to write a story that would convey to the audience the importance of choosing the better ways to do things rather than the evil influenced ways. God will take care of things in his own time. 

Look ahead to the future, 2030, Oakland, California.  This film is post 'Obama' and health care is still a huge government issue in the United States.  Milk Money gives you a look at what might happen to some when health care is not affordable to those you love in a time of need. Spence portrays the role of Banneker; a hard working Christian man with unwavering love for his Aunt Karen (Phyllis Anderson) whom is very ill.  He wants nothing more than for God to answer his prayers by finding a way to make things better for Aunt Karen.  

Banneker works two jobs to support himself and to take care of his aunt who is struggling with cancer.  He's also a man who does whatever it takes to keep his girlfriend Kandis (Noni Galloway) by his side and happy. Banneker's long time hustler friend D-Rock (Alphonso Thompson) gets a hold of a new drug called 'Milk' and tries talking Banneker into selling it with him.  Banneker declines selling drugs due to his Christian background, until he receives news his Aunt has just been dropped from her health care coverage causing him to rethink his decision. This new information changes Banneker's relationship between himself and God.  He feels that it's now his duty to protect his aunt, because it is clear that God isn't protecting her.  Kandis, whose been a hustler her whole life, was excited to hear what Banneker was planning to do.  As it turns out though, Kandis was a bit disappointed to find out she is not a part of this illegal equation. 

All was going well for the new street pharmacists until Oakland's kingpin brother 'Cecil' (Phaethon Devlin Brown) got a whiff of the new entrepreneurs and insisted these young brothers team up. Brother Cecil keeps his hands clean when it comes to this type of business; however he has two admirers that are hot on his tail; Detective Smith (Don Williams) and Detective Edwards (John Taylor).  Banneker was only in this business in the first place to help take care of his aunt who has given so much for him. He felt strongly he had to do whatever it took to take care of and protect her.

This dynamic film was directed and co-produced by Oakland, California native Samm Styles.  After three long years in the making, Milk Money will be premiering July, 2013.  It is scheduled to be shown at the Berkeley Reparatory Theater along with Just One Night, which is another Samm Styles directed film.  This is a double-header you won't want to miss.  

Big Spence founded Touch The Heart productions (TTH); a Christian based Production Company, in 2010.  TTH is currently in pre-production of another film, Set Me Free which starts shooting in Oakland, California and surrounding cities this summer (2013).  TTH is also in post-production of the film, The American Dream which was written and produced by Big Spence, directed and is being edited by Robert Wakamatsu. Look for Big Spence and TTH films on screen soon.


For More on Marcus 'Big Spence' Spencer 


by: Inland Valley News

Published: July 4th, 2013 

Inland Valley News -

French Filmmaker sets sights on Ghosts in Berkeley

Those words open up Don’t Give Up the Ghostthe first American feature by acclaimed French filmmaker Jean-Louis Milesi, now a Berkeley resident.

Inspired by the spectral sight of fog creeping over San Francisco Bay, Milesi’s new comedy adventure story tells the tale of three brothers who wander the streets of Berkeley in search of their mother’s missing uncle. Starring Milesi’s own sons, the boys discover that their uncle is a ghost – but not gone from their lives.

Milesi, who has silver hair, a white beard and blue eyes,  is known for his award-winning, independent and emotional movies, like Marius and Jeannette and The Snows of Kilimanjaro, both co-written with Robert Guédiguian. The Snows of Kilimanjaro was selected for the 55th San Francisco International Film Festival, won the best screenplay trophy at Prix Lumières 2011 in Paris, and was in competition at the Cannes International Film Festival, as were many of Milesi’s other films.

Sympathetic, unpretentious and welcoming, Milesi’s joviality and simplicity reflect his Mediterranean  origins. A native of Italy who moved to Provence when he was two, Milesi revels in the simpler pleasures of life, like making his own Limoncello and gathering with friends around a glass of pastis or rosé wine.

Milesi, 56, moved to Berkeley three years ago. The filmmaker originally thought he and his family would live here for one year. “We just wanted our three sons, Matteo, Hugo, and Lino, to learn to speak English,” said Milesi. But like many other expatriates, he fell in love with the Bay Area.

He was particularly struck by the natural beauty and abundant wildlife. “My eyes are not accustomed to all this nature, and to see a skunk or a deer here, within the city, for me, it was just incredible,” he said. “As soon as I saw all this beauty and diversity around me,” he said, “I felt the urge to film here.”

Milesi also found himself captivated by the fog that rolled across the bay and enveloped his house high in the Berkeley hills. ” In this house at the end of the summer, by late afternoon, temperatures are cooling and you can clearly see the fog rolling over the bay and enveloping the city. Then suddenly you cannot see the tree in front of the house anymore,” Milesi said. “The fog creates this strange atmosphere: everything becomes ghostly in the fog”.

Milesi wanted to make a film in the U.S., but the notion seemed daunting – until he met Graham Leggat, then the director of the San Francisco Film Society and the San Francisco International Film Festival. Leggat asked him why he didn’t make a film in the Bay Area. The suggestion made Milesi believe everything was possible, he said.

But when Milesi returned in August 2011  from a trip to southern France to launch the project, he discovered that the 51-year old Leggat had died after an 18-month battle with cancer.

“So I decided to dedicate this film to his memory,” said Milesi.

At that point, Milesi still had no idea of the story he wanted to tell. “I was living in an old house located in Berkeley Hills overlooking the Bay fog, I was just thinking of Leggat. And that’s how the ghost entered in my life,” said Milesi.

Once Milesi got the idea of a ghost, he was inspired to write a family movie with a ghost at its center.

Milesi does not know if he really believes in supernatural beings, but he is open to the possibility. “I believe in magic and fantasy. I like to tell myself everything is not always rational and straight,” he said. “And even if it does not exist, it’s still beautiful to believe that there is a magic side.”

In this film, the improbable family is composed of a sour French father (Milesi himself), a disengaged mother (the American actress Michelle Anton-Allen) and three brothers (Milesi’s sons).

The boys follow their American mother to Berkeley for summer vacation and settle in uncle Graham’s empty house at the very top of Berkeley hills. As soon as they arrive, their mother disappears to look for her uncle, who has been reported missing. Left alone, the brothers launch their own search for the great uncle whose specter haunts the house. Their journey to uncover his whereabouts takes them through the Berkeley hills, to the marina, to the sculptures on the Albany Bulb, to Chinatown and Alcatraz,  ”It is like a big hunt in the Bay Area,” explains Milesi. As the brothers solve the puzzle of their uncle piece by piece, they grow closer to one another. (See trailer below:)

The film is mostly in English, with a smattering of French. But since Milesi hopes to show it in both the United States and France, there are subtitles translating the actors’ words throughout. When Milesi started shooting, his sons, now 17, 14, and 7, only knew a few words of English. “It was a challenge for me as for them,” admitted Milesi. “When we arrived, they barely spoke the language. And making this film in English with my children was a truly beautiful experience.”

The movie also includes appearances by Blues singer Taj Mal, who happened to be Milesi’s neighbor, and the actor Big Spence, who plays forensic scientist. And then there is the fog, a character in itself, evaporating all around and figuring the ghost in a dreamlike atmosphere. For the filmmaker, “That is just the Berkeley spirit!”

Milesi raised $50,000 for the film from a June 2012 Kickstarter campaign. That gave him the funds to start shooting. Milesi has almost finished the film and only needs to sync the music and add special effects. He hopes to submit his 95-minute comedy to the next Sundance Film Festival and then get it shown in American and French theaters.


Don’t Give Up the Ghost is both a detective story and a family comedy, just one that deals with death. Milesi hopes it will make viewers both laugh and cry because, for him, “laughter and tears, c’est la vie!”


by: Ingrid H.

Published: June 25th, 2013 

Berkeley Side -

Marcus 'Big Spence' Spencer is Experiencing 'The American Dream'

Actor/Producer Marcus ‘Big Spence’ Spencer recently returned to the SF/Oakland Bay Area after having wrapped up filming on “The American Dream,” slated for release by Spring 2013.

Spencer wrote and produced this film. He brought on board Japanese Director and Director of Photography Robert Wakamatsu and Takao Baba. In the film, “Big Spence” portrays the character of ‘Marvin’ who makes financial gain by delivering “packages.” However, he plays a very supportive Uncle to his young nephew ‘D.J.’ (Comedian Hannibal Thompson) by always showing up and supporting D.J’s football career.

As the story unfolds it is seven years later and D.J. is now grown. Marvin has a period of absence from D.J’s life, but returns influencing D.J and his friend Keith (Gian Shaw) to partake in his business. Deceit, anger and regret, all factors that wind into a drama that spirals to a final show down and a “wow” ending.

Needless to say, “Big Spence” is very excited about this film. “The American Dream” is a Christian based film about family, football, dreams and lessons.

Spencer cast this film with a Bay Area melting pot feel, with excellent talent who portrayed their characters wonderfully. Ahku (“Everyday Black Man” & “Milk Money”), Peter Kepler (“About Cherry” & “Big Sur”), Jan Haley (“Passions”), Giovannie Espiritu (“ER,” “Chaos & Consequences”) to name a few.

In addition, Spencer had a new young lady on his arm in this film and she’s quite the sweetheart. Introducing Mariah J. Spencer who portrays Big Spence’s on screen daughter, “Destiny.” Six year old Mariah Johanna Spencer is in fact Big Spence’s own beautiful daughter. Spencer was quite proud of his daughter working by his side. This was a great opportunity and memorable occasion for both of them. “Big Spence” enjoys playing proud father both on and off screen. This is just the beginning for this father/daughter duo.

Marcus “Big Spence” Spencer was born and raised in Oakland, Ca. He founded Touch The Heart Productions a Christian based film company, in 2010. The American Dream is just one of Spencer’s creative films. He has more than one film slated for release this coming Spring. Among those films is Spencer’s other creation, Milk Money which he also wrote and produced. Spencer has started 2013 full steam ahead.  He is currently wrapping up on set of Dead Sea Productions’ “The Safe,” written and directed by Jordan Ghanma (“20 Year Old Virgins”).


by: Sue M.

Published: Feburary  27th, 2013

American Talent Magazine -  


Big Spence's Milk Money Shines at Bay Area Debut in BERKELEY California

Friday, The Black Reparatory Theatre hosted the Bay Area debut of Milk Money, written and produced by Big Spence of Touch The Heart productions. Just One Night, written by and starring, Kimberly Pratt preceded the debut. Both films were directed by Samm Styles of Supreme Pictures. Pianist Kev Choice composed the score for Milk Money and performed it live delighting the packed house.

Set in the year 2030 Milk Money is a futuristic tale detailing the hard-hitting quandary of the main character Banneker, played by the writer Big Spence. Films such as Milk MoneyFruitvale Station, and Basketball 3:16 all show the dichotomy urban men face between “keeping it real” and the moral, social, and sometimes religious beliefs they battle in doing so. Says writer, producer, and actor Pharoah Powell of Pharoah Films, “It's an age old question like Shakespeare said 'to be or not to be' the whole purpose of that question is how do you define yourself. And due to systematic disenfranchisement and the legacy of slavery black men in America seemed to have the hardest times defining themselves. As artists and men of color we have a duty to put forth art that reflects a positive image that can help those exposed to it begin to identify themselves in a truer nature as opposed to the pressure that society places on us to be real which usually means that we act out in an anti-social nature.”

A man of many talents, Big Spence received his handle from actor Will Smith. He began his acting career as a youth and since has worked on a myriad of films including Moneyball, Watch Phoenix Rise, and Pursuit of Happyness, where he met Smith. Desiring to be seen in front and back of the camera, Spence created Touch The Heart productions. TTH productions is a Christian production company created to produce inspirational films. Milk Money is the first film from the production company, where the next film The American Dream is in postproduction. TTH begins filming Set Me Free in August of this year.

In support of Milk Money were many independent filmmakers including Christopher Webb, Ramasses Head, Pharoah Powell, and M. Shawn Cunningham. The film was well received and left the audience with a bit of a cliff-hanger. Also appearing in the film are actors Alphonso Thompson, Phaethon Delvin Brown, Ahku, and singer Baby Jaymes. For more information on Milk Money visit the Facebook page, or visit


by: Black Pearl Entertainment

Published: June 18th, 2013 

PR Log -




Marcus 'BIG SPENCE' Spencer the actor, producer, athlete, model, coach and I could go on with the many talents and skills this young man possess. Just as the saying goes behind every great man there’s a great woman and Marcus Spencer credits his grandmother for the sheltering, love and direction she unselfishly gave him when he needed it most. Growing up in what’s considered two of the most rural cities in the Bay Area he was able to stay on a straight and narrow path that lead to his destiny.

Marcus has definitely had his fair share of obstacles in life but he has proven time and time again that hard work, dedication and believing in yourself will prevail under any circumstances and in any situation. This is why he is November’s Brickhouse Of The Month!

As he continues to work hard on the big screen rubbing elbows with some of the most credible actors in the industry such as Will Smith, Forrest Whitaker, Octavia Spencer and Michael B Jordan he will never forget where he’s from and where it all started. He’s active in his community and loves working with kids in hopes to help encourage them to dream big by finishing school and seeking a higher education.

It was truly a pleasure to have Marcus at our Brickhouse Talk Studio. He’s a well-spoken, highly intelligent gentlemen with positive energy that is to be shared. Look for Marcus Spencer in the Oscar Grant movie Fruitvale, Milk Money & Money For Angels. This is only the beginning for this superstar….THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!! 



by: Ramonda C.

Published: October 31st, 2012 

Brickhouse Talk -



Big Spence and new york hook up for 'the shop'

Big Spence's latest project The Shop.  The production, filmed on location in Oakland, CA and also features none other than Tiffany Pollard (I Love New York).  It goes without saying that anything with Pollard - a/k/a/ 'New York,' in it - can only be described as "interesting." 

If you're wondering, Big Spence's character is 'Slim' - a man with a definite 70's flair and hair - and he's the right hand man to boss 'Ivy Sloan' (Sean Mann) who calls on Slim to take care of matters.

Meanwhile, the  'boobafied,' er, bodacious Ms. Pollard plays 'Kiana,' Slim's Cali girl who keeps her hustle strong and her ear to the streets.  If Slim needs to know anything , Kiana is the girl he calls.  She's not hard to please and Slim believes he knows just what she needs.  


Published: September 3rd, 2012 

Your Gossip Fix -


Big Spence

Big Spence has dedicated his life to helping others, setting a positive example, working hard and becoming a very talented and diverse actor. Life wasn’t always easy for young Marcus. He grew up in Foster care until his grandmother took him into her care.  He was handed his share of tough terrain. No matter what the obstacles were, Marcus learned at a very young age that all he really needed was his faith in God, himself, drive and perseverance.

Big Spence or Marcus Spencer was raised between Oakland and Richmond California. Both, not easy places to grow up in. He was faced with many challenges which could have lead him down wrong paths in life, but instead being the strong willed individual he is, Marcus chose the latter, more intelligent and positive paths.

Marcus made tremendous sacrifice. One of his biggest sacrifices was turning down a football scholarship so he could care for his younger brother, due to his mother’s death. Marcus Spencer learned at the very young age of 22 what the true meaning of love, compassion and sacrifice was.

At this dismal time in his life, Marcus never gave up nor did he succumb to negative paths that he could have taken. Instead , he chose a productive and responsible path. Although Marcus gave up a football scholarship for college, he continued his education by attending a Junior college, and eventually even played semi-pro ball for a while.

As dark as life may have seemed, Marcus showed intelligence beyond his years. He is a man with a very deep soul, strong beliefs and convictions and drive that many lack. His ambition and passion for life is simply amazing. With that intelligence, Marcus chose to never take drugs or drink alcohol.

He has always chosen to steer clear of these addicting substances. He advocated against drugs and alcohol and continued to be a positive role model for his younger brother, as well as many other youths along the way.

Young Marcus grew into “Big Spence” very quickly. He was always a hardworking, driven man. From the young age of 18 Spence held down many jobs. He worked at a car rental place, was manager at IHop before working his way into an Athletic Director job at a middle school.

He coached many successful youth sports teams, ranging from a pop-warner football team to a middle school girls’ softball team. Whatever Marcus Spencer did in life, he gave 110 percent, always maintaining his faith and a positive attitude.

Something his mother, had she lived, would have been proud of. Marcus’s passion and dedication,as well as his zest and love for life helped him morph into the upstanding, hardworking man he is today. That man known and loved by many as “Big Spence.” His mother would not be disappointed. Big Spence loved the arts. First modeling then auditioning for acting roles. It’s no surprise that his drive and tenacity has lead him to where he is today. Since 2006 Spence has been making his dream a reality.

He’s been blessed to work with many of Hollywood’s great talents, such as Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Will Smith, Benjamin Bratt, Terrance Howard, whom are just a few of many. Whether Spence is auditioning for a commercial or a lead role, he put his whole heart and soul into what he’s doing. Big Spence doesn’t believe in “auditioning”, he believes everything is a “rehearsal.” True to form, he believes going into any situation one must have an “I can get it” attitude. He lives by his own, now famous motto, “My next move, is always my best move.”

You can’t help but feel upbeat and happy when you are around Big Spence. His mind is like a sponge filled with endless knowledge. Don’t bother to debate with him unless you want a challenge, because he always has his facts and details straight.

His capability and desire to always expand his mind, gives him the fire and desire to pursue the depths of each character he plays. With his infectious smile and old soul spirit, Big Spence has the capability and versatility to capture the attention of audiences of all ages. His passion and zest to be the best allow him to multi-task on a variety of projects. Whether he is writing, producing, acting or all three at once, Spence gives it his all.

He believes in working smarter not harder, although he is a very hard working individual. His tenaciousness coupled with loyalty and commitment to his profession makes him one of the best. His acting skills will keep you engaged. He will either make you roll with laughter, or wipe the tears rolling down your face.

Big Spence started his own production company, “Touch the Heart Productions.” He’s drawn success with movies like Milk Money, Basketball 3:16 and The American Dream. He can be exuberant with class, yet be able to transform into a hardened criminal when it’s called for.

Whichever the role requires, Spence not only has the skill to embrace any character, but will amaze you with his impromptu enhancements of the character. These qualities prove true as you can see from his performances from The Prankster (Ken Davitian) where he plays a comedic role, to his corrupt cop role in the Bollywood Soap opera, Padamatti Galli. Big Spence will once again, be gracing the Bollywood scene, as he is currently working on a feature film, which will have him boarding a plane to India at the end of the summer.

Big Spence spends a lot of time either producing or acting on sets from California to New York. Ironically, the place where Little Marcus Spencer’s life began in Oakland, is the same place Big Spence spends so much time giving back. The films that Big Spence writes himself,all take place in Oakland. He has a strong belief in community, and is always the first to suggest local talent. Spence stands firm in his roots, as he spreads his branches to positively touch the lives of so many others. Currently, you can find Big Spence working hard on the set of The Shop, a (Shawn Cunningham) film. The Shop is filming in Oakland, CA at this very moment (summer 2012). A great story of two friends running an auto repair shop. The friends find themselves in a boat load of trouble when one of them inherits a Mercedes from his uncle. They find 20 million dollars’ worth of diamonds stashed in the headlights! Big Spence plays a henchman with a “take no mess” attitude! A gun slinging guy who appears to be stuck in a 70’s mindset, as you will see by his attire. This is sure to be an action packed film that will keep the audience attentive and satisfied. You will just have to wait until production is a wrap, and The Shop is playing on the screen.

Once again, Big Spence will have played a big place in the hearts of many. Guess little Marcus still lives in his heart, but Big Spence has emerged and continues to grow into an amazing, talented actor and producer.


by: Sue M.

Photos by:Jenani Photography

Published: September 1st, 2012 

American Talent Magazine -  


Actor Big Spence joins cast of 'fruitvale' (Oscar Grant Story) 

If you're wondering about actor/producer Big Spence, he has been busy on the set of Fruitvale.

Fruitvale, an Indie film written and directed by Oakland, CA native Ryan Coogler and produced by Oscar winner Forrest Whitaker, is being filmed currently in the Bay Area.  The film will prove to be a heart wrenching as it will track what happened to Bay Area resident Oscar Grant who was held on New Years Day 2009 by San Francisco BART police.  Grant was detained at the BART station until he was shot in the back and killed.  Many passengers captured this horrifying moment on their cellphone cameras.  The incident and death made huge headlines all across America, which sparked protest and riots.

Big Spence says he feels blessed to be working with such great talent in Michael B. Jordan (Red Tails), Melonie Diaz (Be Kind Rewind) and of course Octavia Spencer, who won an Oscar for her role just a year prior for 2011's The Help. Big Spence has a 'day player' role in the film as 'Confrontational BART Witness'


Published: July 29th, 2012 

October Gallery -

Marcus “Big Spence” Spencer is on the Move: Actor Experiencing Busy Year

Los Angeles, CA– If you’ve been wondering about actor Marcus Spence, better known to the acting community and his fans as Big Spence, well, he’s having quite a busy 2012.

Marcus “Big Spence” Spencer, born and raised in Oakland, CA, started his acting career in 2006 starring in his first film, The Pursuit of Happyness alongside actor Will Smith. Since then, Spencer has had the privilege of working with several big name directors, including Taylor Hackford (Love Ranch), Bennett Miller (Capote), Deon Taylor (Chain Letter) and he has starred alongside “A-list” actors which include Brad Pitt (Moneyball), Omari Hardwick (Everyday Black Man), Kurt Fuller (The Prankster), Brian Hooks (Basketball 3:16), Terrence Howard (On the Road) and David Duchovny (Californication). He has won the “Be that Kid Celebrity of the Year 2010” award. Spencer has always been an extremely hard worker, prior to starting his acting career; he worked regular day jobs as a manager at IHop and Budget Rent-a-Car. He was also an Athletic Director at a public where he also coached a championship football team and a sixth grade girl’s softball team.

Currently, you can find him on set of The Shop which is being filmed in Oakland, CA.

The Shop, a Shawn Cunningham film, is about two friends and a wild adventure involving inheritance and stolen diamonds. This promises to be a film packed with action and humor.

For more on Big Spence, check out his his Facebook Fan page.


Published: June 27th, 2012 

Inland Valley News -

Big Spence is on the move: Actor Experiencing Busy Year

If you've been wondering about actor Marcus Spencer, better known to the acting community and his fans as BIG SPENCE, well, he's having quite a busy 2012. Currently, you can find him on set of The Shop which is being filmed in Oakland, CA.

The Shop, a Shawn Cunningham film, is about two friends and a wild adventure involving inheritance and stolen diamonds.  This promises to be a film packed with action and humor.  Big Spence plays a gun toting, no holds barred henchmen that looks as though he is stuck in the 70's. 

Like we told you, Big Spence has been busy in 2012 alone you can also find the actor on DVD's such as 20 Year Old Virgins, Basketball 3:16 and most recently Win By Fall.  You can also catch him playing a crooked cop named Neal in the soap opera Padamati Gaali currently airing in India. 

For more on Big Spence, check out his website: and/or his Facebook page









by: Sue M.

Photo's by: Jenani Photography

Published: June 18th, 2012 

Electronic Urban Report -

The stars are aligned… Big Spence




Big Spence was born in January and according to astrology, the planet Saturn rules this water sign of Aquarius. You do not have to believe in astrology however you must acknowledge the planets and the stars and the COSMOS per se.  The sun symbolizes the male and Big Spence is set to be the next strong male figure in the arts as his personality is unique and creative. He uses this creative power via his talents of expression in the media arts to the maximum.  First and foremost he is an actor (MoneyballLove RanchEveryday Black Man). He is a writer (Milk Money & The American Dream) and a CEO as well as an Executive Producer (Touch the Heart Productions). Big Spence is intelligent, concise, clear and logical. He is also strong willed and forceful in his way because he has strong convictions.  Big Spence has played many roles in feature films in theatres throughout the USA as well in soap operas that air in the country of India.  He draws upon his inner being and portrays his many different roles on the big screen with experience that draws from the deep well and observations from the stage that is called life.  He will develop the necessary qualities as well as naturally exude the characteristics of the role that he plays.


Big Spence is a patriotic American and adopts the motto as a part of his own agenda LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.  In fact, Big Spence’s first movie set production was on the The Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith.  A conversation on set with Will Smith during the production was how Big Spence got his “stage name”. Big Spence knows that neither happiness nor liberty can be achieved without EQUALITY.  He uses his creative power and his personal will to engage himself as an actor and through his production company Touch the Heart Productions for the well-being and wealth of us all…to establish and reiterate those rights.   

Big Spence plays many different roles and has the ability to transform into each individual role uniquely.


Big Spence has had a lot going on in 2012, he has worked on many films this year and doesn't seem to be slowing down.  In the feature film Basketball 3:16 Big Spence plays the role of 'Kevin Warren,' a newly free convict who seeks out the church in hopes that he may live a better life.  This film premiered on Easter at the 10th Annual Oakland International Film Festival, and was sold out.  Big Spence plays 'Coach Peoples' a high school wrestling coach in the new to DVD feature film Win By Fall that was shot in Michigan.  In January of this year the feature film 20 Year Old Virgins hiet the racks as Big Spence plays Jared; a sexy, full of girth, sex machine who the women can't get enough of.  He is currently finishing up the feature film Watch Phoenix Rise where he plays 'Lloyd Loyal' a drunk publicist who gets the job done.


Big Spence shatters the rules and stereo types of the leading man with his ground-breaking destined to be a cult-classic movie Milk Money.  He strives to set new trends in the media and bring thought provoking and positive messages to the masses via his production company Touch the Heart. Above all else, Big Spence seeks the truth.


by: Claudine C.

Photo's by: Jenani Photography

Published: May 1st, 2012 

Sacramento Talent Magazine -





Big Spence - (Moneyball - 2011).  

I recently got the chance to talk to Big Spence about his role in 'Moneyball'.  Here, Big Talks about what it was like working with the cast and crew on-set and which three people he would invite to dinner...


Hey Big, Thanks for taking the time out to talk to me about your new film, 'Moneyball'.

No problem.  It's great to be contacted.  Let's get it going.


What's the general plotline surrounding the film?  I understand it's based on a true story?

Yes, the film is based on a true story.  The basic plot is about a team (The Oakland Athletics) having very little money for recruiting players and they come up with a method that is different from anything that has ever been tried.  Instead of going after all the big time players, management decided to try a different approach and that is to find out what exactly is it that they need.  Management understood that everyone in this league first off deserved to be here.  Yes, some are more famous than others but they are all professionals.  This game is not a friendship game it’s about business… And the business is to win games.  They realized that in order to win games we must score points and in order to score points we must get on base.  They decided to hire a team not full of power hitters, but a team full of players that get on base.  They started to pick up players that were let go from other teams because other teams didn’t realize what they were

This means a lot for me as well because this is how I run my business… I am not only an actor, I also write and produce.  I have learned that I can’t operate like Hollywood in the way that I hire talent and crew due to the fact that I don’t have a Hollywood budget.  I hire great and talented people based on the budget that I have.


Tell us a bit about the character you play in the movie…

I play one of the trainers for the Oakland Athletics.  After watching the film I noticed that my speaking scene was actually taken out for whatever reason but my lines were in fact with Brad Pitt. 


How did you get involved in the project in the first place?

I actually auditioned to be one of the baseball players.  My audition was at a part in Oakland where Mike Fisher (films athletic coordinator) was.  I had actually worked with Mike before on a Nike shoe commercial about two years prior with the San Diego Chargers here Michael Mann directed so I was very familiar.  At this audition I had to go into the batting cages where a live person was pitching.  After my audition I talked to Mike for a while then left.  The next week I learned by production that I didn’t get the 1 day role of David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz but I got booked for a 2 week role as one of the A’s trainers. 


How would you say this film is different and unique to other sports films?

One, it was a true story and it definitely had to stay true to that.  There were such big set ups for camera as well.  This film to most was all about baseball but for me it was about the mentality of someone who set out to do something great.  He took a chance, put it all on the line and did something great.


The film stars Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Brent Jennings, Chris Pratt and Stephen Bishop - with Bennett Miller onboard as director - what was it like working with the cast and crew on-set? Any good anecdotes to tell?

Absolutely… First off, this set up at the A’s facility took 2 weeks and each day there were over 5000 extras.  That was crazy in itself.  The funny thing is we had to trick the fans because every time Brad would step on the film the crowd would go crazy, there was no way we could shoot.  Production figured it out tho’.  They would do a set up making everyone think we were filming something else but in actuality they would be filming Brad in the corner.. That was funny.

Second, because I’m from Oakland I had a couple of people come out to be extras so that was cool.  We had been filming for a couple of days and Chris, Stephen and myself had become cool friends.  In between shoots we’d go to the batting cages and Stephen was very informative as well… That’s my guy, we actually knew some people in common as well.  Anyway we go back out to the film and the people that I had come as extras called my phone, “Is that Chris you’re with?”  I said “yeah, but how do you know him?”  They told me he had been in “Wanted.”  That was funny to me because Chris was just a regular down to earth guy, I thought he was just another actor that was cast.  Chris was a great guy as well.   

Bennett was an amazing director with a great vision… He looks like he’s still in his twenties.  I didn’t get a chance to really talk to Jonah but he would come out in between setups and start doing a little stand-up.  Philip was an amazing guy, I soaked up a lot from him, as we ate lunch together a couple of the days. 

Brad was an all around amazing guy and it was a pleasure working with the entire cast of this project and I look forward to what’s to come.


Let’s talk a bit about you Big. What made you want to get into acting in the first place?

I knew I loved acting before I ever tried it.  I remember when I was in high school I was an office-aid and I had to take passes to different classes.  I used to take the last passes to the drama class because I knew once I was there I wasn’t leaving.  The teacher used to always make me participate and I loved to do so.  I learned that in acting the most important thing you can do is listen and I’ve always been a great listener.  


You’ve been in a number of different TV series and films - which actors/actresses have been your favorite to work with so far? Any good stories?

When I’m on set it is definitely a beautiful thing and I’m always learning.  I loved working with the brilliant Omari Hardwick taught me how to talk to directors in a professional and respectful manner, the beautiful Tessa Thompson who is just wonderful  for no reason in the film, 'Everyday Black Man'.  I have never had a bad experience on set and everyone that I have worked with has been special and all for different reasons.  Brandon T. Jackson and I met on the set of 'Big Stan' and that was the first time I stepped into a trailer.  Brad Pitt was just an all around great guy and Will Smith was on the set of my first project every 'Pursuit of Happyness'.  Orlando Jones gave me my first line on the show 'The Evidence'.


If you could have dinner with three guests - (living or dead), who would you choose and why?

First off I would choose my mother.  I started acting in 2006 and my mom passed away shortly after.  My mom was my biggest supporter no matter what I did.  I just wish I could share the stories and the experiences with her now.  She wasn’t always there for me but I wish I could tell her that I appreciate the times that she was.  I miss her.

Secondly I would have Mariah Johanna (my 5 year old daughter).  Mariah was born in 2006 and my mom passed away months before she was born.  Believe it or not, there are times when I don’t feel like smiling and Mariah definitely brings the smiles out.  I do what I do for my kids for sure.

Lastly I would have Jesus at my table, that’s right… Jesus Christ.  I would have a lot of questions like; “Why do you have all these people acting crazy?” “Why is the bible not written clear and we have all these interruptions?”


If you were stranded on a desert island - what three things could you not live without?


  • Some sort of musically devise… I love music.
  • A jet with a full tank of gas and a learning manual.
  • My laptop...  I have to get some work done.  Tomorrow waits for no man.



What is currently on your I-Pod right now?


  • “Butterfly Kisses” – Bob Carlisle
  • "Hey Mama" – Kanye West
  • "Greast Love of All" – Whitney Houston



What’s coming up for you in 2012?

I just finished working on a film called 'Dollar Bill', where I played a pimp named Dollar Bill.  Dollar Bill is not just your neighborhood pimp, he’s a pimp with a heart.

I’m also finishing up a film that I wrote and produced “The American Dream” where I play ‘Marvin,’ a drug dealer with a conscious.  After that film is wraps I’ll be producing a currently untitled romantic comedy about a group of college kids.  


Thanks for the interview!


by Matt H.

Published: March 4th, 2012 

Matt Horn Press -

Interview with SacTown Native, Big Spence gone Hollywood

Big Spence is back in town.  Who is Big Spence you ask, Marcus Spencer, a hometown boy and football phenomena who graduated from Del Campo High School in 2002, and is now living in Hollywood.  He has worked on many films in Los Angeles, Michigan and abroad with many A-list stars.  He also produces his own Christian films through his own Christian production company “Touch The Heart” Productions.  Currently he is in town filming “Ivy”, a period piece taking place in 1955 dealing with the Civil Rights Movement.  Ivy is played by Sacramento’s own Voress Franklin.  Big Spence is playing the role of her husband, Thomas Brown, a loving husband willing to do whatever he has to do to avenge the savage beating his wife takes, including taking on the regional chapter leader of the Klu Klux Klan.  We caught up with Big Spence to find out more about his career.

THE HUB: If you weren't acting, what do you think you would be doing?
Big Spence: If the question was proposed before I started acting I would definitely be playing football.  I played two years semi-pro to stay local due to personal reasons.  Bills were due and I had to concentrate on working and taking care of my family, there’s no money in semi-pro ball.  However, in my acting career I have worked with many football players for instance, Ahman Green and Shawne Merriman both told me I have the stuff.  Seeing as tho’ the question is

 proposed now I would be producing (which I am) or even directing movies.

THE HUB: Describe your dream project.
Big Spence: My dream project is coming up…I would be the CEO of my own production company.  I would produce movies that have a positive message to make people think to touch people’s hearts (emotions).  Bernie Mac has taught me that the only difference between a small role and a large role is how (you) look at it.  When you’re in front of the camera give it your all, leave nothing behind… THIS IS YOUR TIME!  My dream project

THE HUB: What attracted you to your current project, Ivy?
Big Spence: I love that it is a period piece (1950’s).  I also love the rich dialog and the message that it is giving.  My manager, Lexa Credo is guiding my career and makes sure that I challenge and utilize my talents as well as my skills.  She listens to what I convey to her of what I want and she makes it happen. We also loved that it was being produced out of Sacramento.

THE HUB: What is the most unusual perk of your career?
Big Spence: On set, you get a chance to try many types of food. How many people even know or ever tasted a star fruit? (Have you?) I like the exposure to new things as well as the learning and shared experiences I get from co-stars, associates and peers.  Oh yeah, I get to go to the movies for free, that’s a great thing as well.

THE HUB: Can you give me 3 words that describe you?
Big Spence: Inquisitive, conscientious, wholehearted.

THE HUB: You got the nickname "Big Spence" from Will Smith, how did that come about?
Big Spence: On the set of “Pursuit of Happyness” Will asked me my name and I replied “Spence” which is a shortened version of my last name Spencer…and on the spot he dubbed me, “Big Spence”.

THE HUB: What locations have you worked at abroad?  Which was your favorite?
Big Spence: I think I was misquoted somewhere however I would love to go to Hong Kong, China; Paris, France and London, England. I think London would be first on my list because I love the English accent.

THE HUB: You have several movies under your belt, any favorites?
Big Spence: The Pursuit of Happyness which was my first will always be one of my favorites.  After all, because of Will I have a “stage name”.  Also I respect Will Smith as an actor, father and role model for other actors and young men.  I also have to mention Deon Taylor’s “The Hustle” that was also shot in Sacramento and of course “Milk Money” which was the first film of my company Touch The Heart Productions (shot in Oakland CA)   (see Milk Money Trailer)

THE HUB: Have you made any lasting friendships from cast mates?
Big Spence: I am still in contact with almost every single person I have worked with on set.  I definitely keep in touch with the entire cast of “The Prankster” and also the cast of “Everyday Black Man” which are both for sell on DVD.

Big Spence is indeed a busy actor, having worked on films that starred Terence Howard, Kristin Stewart to name a few and with director Deon Taylor.  Along with John Kenneth Wagner the man in and behind the lens, feels as strongly as big Spence about bringing more minorities to the film industry and making them powerful and not just the token.  Big Spence is primed for a career that not only continues to grow but to eventually take over the film industry.  Check out more about "Big Spence" at


 by Donna R.

Published: August 9th, 2011 

Sac Cultural Hubt  -


Big Spence to Star in new Film

Hollywood, CA - Big Spence has been awarded the role in a new movie, his publicist announced today. He will play opposite of the central character, in John Kenneth Wagner's "Ivy." The "Milk Money" star is ideally cast as Thomas Brown, Ivy's Husband.

"Ivy" is shot in flashback and depicts the 1955 - 1956 deep south. Despite being an illiterate, Ivy is characteristically prophetic. In one scene, she accurately summarizes the December 1, 1955 arrest of Rosa Parks as a catalytic event for the southern region of the country and states: "Things are about to charge." These words would become her life-long mantra. 

Ivy is a maid employed by 29-year-old Tyler Madison and his wife, June. The couple live in a small town adjacent to Montgomery, Alabama.

After joining his father's law firm, Tyler sets his sights on a clandestine love affair with his secretary while neglecting his pregnant wife.

The film's story line encapsulates a vengeful Thomas Brown (Big Spence) responding to the total disrespect of his wife Ivy, and an unresolved legal matter which he ultimately decides to take into his own hands.

Big Spence has several films to his credit including "The Prankster," "Everyday Black Man," and "Love Ranch." In addition, he recently completed "On the Road" & "Moneyball." The artist has also appeared on national television programs such as "Californication," "Ghost Whisperer," "Trauma," "America's Most Wanted," and Discovery Channel's number one show, "I (Almost) Got Away With It: Investigative Discovery."

Shooting for "Ivy" begins June 25, 2011.


by Fran B.

Published: June 21th, 2011 

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New Civil Rights Movie (‘IVY’) Set for Filming in Sacramento


Ivy is a 50’s period piece and is set in the deep dirty South.  But Ivy is being shot entirely in the Golden State’s capital city of Sacramento and is being produced by Wagner Media. Sacramento’s roots in filmmaking run deep going back as far as the early 1900s.

 Ivy the feature film and character are very similar to the vine itself; she shows her resiliency throughout the film as do the other characters.  The mindset of the townspeople is very vigorous as was necessary for survival and sanity in those times.  Violence and racism an area of concern for the law and culture are intertwined around the characters, dense and binding.

Ivy represents a climbing clinging story of enlightenment, a story with a moral to be sure and careful of your desires so that you are not enveloped or strangled by them. A story that reiterates the belief that there are inherent differences in people’s traits and capacities and that the ability to overcome and heal the spirituality as a species is intrinsic.Voress Franklin portrays Ivy the main character.

Voress is one of Sacramento’s best and well-known actresses.  She participated in the Civil Rights Movement in Sacramento and suffered all the indignities you can imagine. She now tells the young black actors/actresses with whom she works that she “suffered during those times so you don’t have to!  ”Big Spence (“Moneyball”, “Win by Fall”, “On the Road”, “Little Bruno”, “I’m in Love with a Church Girl” and “Milk Money”) plays Thomas Brown Ivy’s husband.  Larry Laverty (“Little Bruno”, “The Hamilton’s”) plays Bobby Crawford who is a local bar owner and a leader of the KKK. Many of the actors/actresses have been on set together before. Big Spence and Ahku (“Everyday Black Man”, “Milk Money”) who plays Candy and DeMarco Davis (“I’m in Love with a Church Girl”) who plays Jimmy.  LaFonda Baker, worked with Big Spence in “On the Road,” and meets him again here as Lavaida as well as Bennie Bell (Contagion, Moneyball) who plays Jones. The cast also includes Richard Ryan, who plays Tyler and Annette Greenwood playing Thelma and several other Sacramento natives (actors and actresses).

Matthias Zimmerman is the composer of the original musical score and Sunny Smith is the choreographer for Ivy.  John Kenneth Wagner witnessed the Civil Rights Movement as well and was and still is appalled by the injustices that he sees on television and in the newspapers.  He feels very strongly that history is always trying to repeat itself, for instance explicit racism like with the Birther Movement.  Wagner wrote the script and wants to give more positive exposure to blacks in the media so that one day it will be readily acceptable. He is also one of the Executive Producers along with other Producer’s who feel strongly about bringing Ivy’s message to the masses. This 1955 film is set to start filming in Sacramento, CA in late June 2011.  To become a fan on Facebook:



by Claudine C.

Published: June 11th, 2011 

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Growing Up ‘BIG’: Big Spence – The Marcus Spencer Story


*His story would make an excellent movie.

Marcus Spencer’s (Big Spence) quintessential upbringing started in Oakland, CA. He grew up in Oakland as well as Richmond, two northern California urban cities with many roads to take (the majority being bad).

Big Spence was the third of six boys from his mom. He became a “ward of the court” at a young age before his grandmother (who sacrificed so much for him) took him in. He spent little time with his mother (the last 2-years of high school) and during her last days (7 months) where Marcus took care of his mother and those last days stretched into years (7 to be exact). He knows the price of sacrifice as well, when he did not take a football scholarship as he was responsible to his mother and younger brother.

He knew it wasn’t the right time for that however he did continue his schooling by attending a Junior College at that time Marcus chose not to smoke, drink alcohol or take any drugs, not even experimentally as a matter of fact he was an advocate against it. He had seen the effects first hand and came up with the concept “why try something that you could get addicted to.” He has 32 paternal brothers and sisters. His father (with whom he had an estranged relationship at best) passed away when he was 18. His mother passed away four years later. At that time, on his own with no mother and no father, what he did have was a “praying grandmother.”

At 22 years old he took in his 14 year old brother (who is 19 now). Out of all that adversity that he was exposed to growing up, it is essential to know that he saw bad many people go down easier, more dangerous roads but Big Spence chose the road less traveled.

Big Spence has always been the epitome of a hard-working man. He also played semi-pro football for a while. Big Spence worked “regular jobs” for a while. At 18 he was a manager at IHOP, at 20 he was the Athletic Director at a public middle school at the same time he coached a championship football team (Albany Bobcats) and sixth grade girls softball team with his uncle (Willard Middle School), at 22 he was the manager at Budget Rent-A-Car. There is a series of events leading to the culmination of his acting career. But that is another story.

While on set of his first film “The Pursuit of Happyness,” Marcus was christened with the name “Big Spence” when Academy Award Nominee Will Smith took notice of his determination. Although Big Spence has gone from a 52 jacket to a 44, he still proudly uses that tag. Big Spence has a firm philosophy that you should be smarter tomorrow then you were today and for that reason he is forever trying to learn more especially when it comes to his career.

Since Big Spence has started his career in 2006 his has worked with many big names from directors Taylor Hackford (Love Ranch), Bennett Miller (Capote), Deon Taylor (Chain Letter) and many actors Brad Pitt (Moneyball), Omari Hardwick (Everyday Black Man), Kurt Fuller (The Prankster), Brian Hooks (Basketball 3:16), Terrence Howard (On the Road), David Duchovny (Californication) and many more. He has also won the “Be that Kid Celebrity of the Year 2010 “award Big Spence is not your average leading male size (5’8”-6’1” and 30” to 38” waist) so he had to figure out how to become that man.

Big Spence was on set of “Four Christmases” with 6’5” Vince Vaughn (who is clearly too tall for leading male). He talked with him asking Vince, “How did you become a leading male when you are out of the box?” Vince told him that he produced the film “Swingers” and made himself a lead. Once people see you as a lead they’ll then hire you as a lead.

Big Spence took that information to heart and that’s when Touch the Heart Productions (TTHP) came about. TTHP is a Christian Production Company that Big Spence has created to produce Christian films. The first film that was created was “Milk Money” directed by Samm Styles and is set to come to DVD Fall 2011 where he breaks the typical “leading man” mold. He is currently in pre-production of “The American Dream. With talent and big dreams his preeminence is unsurpassed. We look forward to watching this star reach even higher. This is the story of growing up Big, Big Spence that is.


by Claudine C.

Published: June 11th, 2011 

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Big Spence Fan Page on Facebook -

Contact: Manager, Lexa Credo -


Catching up With BIG SPENCE

The name "Big Spence," as he's known in the entertainment industry was given to him by world-renowned actor and two time Oscar Nominee, Will Smith. The two actors worked together in the blockbuster film, "The Pursuit of Happiness."

PR9.NET June 04, 2011 - Hollywood, CA - Big Spence isn't even at the top of his game yet, but he's definitely one to watch. Both inspired and captivated by how actors brilliantly "told stories with their faces," Marcus Spencer set out to pursue acting as a youth. At 16, he began his career at the local theatre level and has never looked back.

The name "Big Spence," as he's known in the entertainment industry was given to him by world-renowned actor and two time Oscar Nominee, Will Smith. The two actors worked together in the blockbuster film, "The Pursuit of Happiness."

Among other titles, Big Spence is a writer, and producer who has several films to his credit including "The Prankster," "Everyday Black Man," and "Love Ranch." In addition, he recently completed "On the Road" & "Moneyball." The artist has also appeared on national television programs such as "Californication," "Ghost Whisperer," "Trauma," "America's Most Wanted," and Discovery Channel's number one show, "I (Almost) Got Away With It: Investigative Discovery."

Big Spence is also a stellar athlete who played college baseball, basketball, and two years of semi professional football. But his passion for acting was - and remains - undeterred. He's continues to take an adventurous and genuine run with appearances on television, film, and in print. 

Atypical of most actors, Big Spence hasn't had to spend a lot of time proving himself, and the dividends have been almost immediate. Within his first year as a full-time professional actor, Big Spence became eligible for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) membership. He appears to be unstoppable - even among his youngest fans. In December, 2010, "Be That Kid Productions" presented him the "Be that Kid Celebrity of the Year" award.

For additional information visit To become a fan go to:

by Fran B.

Published: June 4th, 2011  -


Swag Magazine... Featured Actor of the Month

- SWAG Magazine CA: Who is your role model?
- Big Spence: I don't have a role model per say... I know that everyone is human and there is no perfect person. My grandmother Ms. Erma Tarvins taught me so much as well as raising me in church. Something that she has taught me and I live by is "Eat the Fish and Spit out the Bones" which means, take what's good and leave what's bad; and I try to do that with everything. It's all about being the best ME I Can BE.

- SWAG Magazine CA: How do you connect to your character?
- Big Spence: My technique is breaking down each line and making it real for me. The trick to acting is: DON'T ACT! It should be real for you just as it should be real for the people watching. I learn from everyone I work with as well as what I see as I study. The great Samm Styles (director of "Black August" and "Milk Money") taught me that not only should the performance look good but it should also sound good meaning; I should be able to be in another room and get emotional just by listening.

- SWAG Magazine CA: What was your most memorable role? and why?
- Big Spence: All of my roles are memorable, of course working with Will Smith was great because that was the first film. Also, working on "Moneyball" with Brad Pitt and Philip S. Holfman was also great seeing these guys in action and having lines with Brad. I think to date my best role would have to be playing 'Banneker' in "Milk Money" because that's the film that I stared in, wrote and produced.

- SWAG Magazine CA: What other types of movies would you be interesting in filming? 

- Big Spence: I would love to do a vampire film, an action film for sure and I love comedy. These are the kind of films that I look forward to. 

- SWAG Magazine CA: What role would you love to play/or be your dream role? 

- Big Spence: I would love to play a Doctor, Lawyer or a Congressman etc. to protray more positive
(non-sterotypical) roles and be a role model. It is important to have more positive roles in film and television. In
 order for the people who watch these films to be better people, we must show better people. Art imitates life and life imitates art. It's time to raise the bar.

- SWAG Magazine CA: Where do you see yourself in five years? 

- Big Spence: I see myself as a regular in a tv show as well as doing more films as well as producing my own. As a matter of fact I'm a producer of a new Christian Kids show called "Broskee" and the website is I see this being the biggest kids show in the nation within the next 5 years.

- SWAG Magazine CA: Pursuit of Happyness was a major movie that did very well for itself. What was it like working with Will Smith? 

- Big Spence: Will Smith is a great person and I don't think acting would be my career if I hadn't started my career with such a great experience. We talked often on set about the business and I learned to just be myself and I am always. 

- SWAG Magazine CA: .Big Spence, whats your favorite type of roles, comedy or drama? 

- Big Spence: I love drama, I like to be able to touch people with my acting but I also love comedy... I think I'm a comedian at heart for sure. Let's just mix it and call it Dramady.

- SWAG Magazine CA: You played in this movie called Basketball 3:16, What made you decide to pursue this role? 

- Big Spence: First off, this was a Christian film and I am a Christian as well. I love working on projects with messages and of course uplifting God. I know that's my job when I go to any set... My job is to be the light and make sure God is there as well. 

- SWAG Magazine CA: What roles have you played that you really feel helped your career and why?

- Big Spence: I played a criminal on - Big Spence:"American's Most Wanted" which showed that I'm not as nice as people think. I also play a recurring role on Discovery ID's #1 show "I (Almost) Got Away With It!" as a 'Detective' so it shows that I can be on both sides of the law. Also, "Milk Money" where I play the lead Banneker. This role show's the world that I can be a lead. 

- SWAG Magazine CA: What tecniques do you use to remeber your lines? 

- Big Spence: The first thing I do is read the whole scene not just my lines. Once I have a feel for the whole scene it then makes more sense. It's about having a real conversation, not waiting for your lines. So I feed off of my other actors as well. 

- SWAG Magazine CA: How did you get the name Big Spence? 

- Big Spence: Spencer is my last name and throughout my semi-pro days people would just call me "Spence" When I worked with Will Smith I introduced myself as Spence and he then called me "Big Spence." Will Smith said it so it has to be golden. 

- SWAG Magazine CA: Big Spence for you, is acting more of a learned profession or a natural talent? 

- Big Spence: Acting is definitely a natural talent however... I do take classes and I read a lot. I'm always striving to be better. Talent only takes you so far, you need skill behind you as well. The difference between talent and skill is, Talent you're born with (Labron James, Reggie Bush), you can't teach what they do. Skill is something you work for (Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice) these people worked and never stopped. I too will never stop!

- SWAG Magazine CA: You are not only an actor but you write and produce also, Tell us about that? 

- Big Spence: Yes, I started a Christian Production Company "Touch the Heart Productions." I write faith based films and produce them as well. I'm trying to bring Hollywood to the bay area as well. I know this is a business and I know that God definitely needs to be at the forefront. 

- SWAG Magazine CA: What actors do you look at for inspiration? 

- Big Spence: Denzil Washington, Tom Hanks, Samuel Jackson, Matthew McConaughey, Eddie Murphy  


by Larry S.

Published: June 18th, 2011 

Swag Magazine CA  -

CMIS Celebrity Guest: big spence

‘Music and Cinema’ go together like steak and lobster. ‘Big Spence’ is an actor first and foremost.  Big Spence is also the CEO of Touch the Heart Productions.  He wrote and produced (and starred) in Milk Money, the movie (summer 2012) and is in pre-production for The American Dream.  Big Spence will be a panelist at the *California Music Industry Summit on Saturday, June 11th.  Expanding the Reach of Your Music Through Other Media Outlets from 11:30am – 12:30pm.  Big Spence is an actor who has several films to his credit including The Prankster (Maiara Walsh “Desperate House Wives” & Kurt Fuller “Pursuit of Happyness), Everyday Black Man (Tessa Thompson & Omari Hardwick both in “For Colored Girls”) and Love Ranch (Helen Mirren “The Queen” and Joe Pesci “Good Fellas” ).  In addition, he recently copleted One The Road (Terrance Howard “Crash” and Kristen Stewart “Twilight”) and Moneyball (Brad Pitt “Oceans 11, 12 & 13” and Philip Seymour Hoffman “Capote”).  The artist has also appeared on national television programs such as Californication, Ghost Whisperer, Trauma, America’s Most Wanted and Discovery Channel ID’s number one show I (Almost) Got Away With It.

Big Spence will be a celebrity guest and take photographs as well as sign autographs from 1pm – 3pm on Saturday, June 11th.

by Tramai Entertainment 
Published: June 11th, 2011

CMIS - -

When You're Open to be Freed, God Allows You to Receive

This uplifting spiritually based movie is filmed on the streets of Oakland, California. The script, inspired by the writer`s life, was written by Pharoah Charles Powell and directed by Ramasses Head. Basketball 3:16 elicits faith, evokes the belief that God can find you anywhere, and advocates that change occurs when you least expect it; even on a basketball court. 


 Basketball 3:16 is an Urban Christian Drama that follows Kevin `K Money` Warren`s release from prison to his embrace of life through God`s word and faith. Jamesha Warren, K Money`s sister: played by Ronique Marshall, becomes concerned about her brother and encourages him to embrace the lord through church and prayer. 

K Money, mistrusting others and knowing only street life, is rigidly skeptical of the idea until he`s introduced to the God Father of the streets Calvin Nichols: played by Pharoah Charles Powell.  Calvin, who also struggled on the streets but turned his life around, shares his journey to enlightenment in hopes to spark curiosity in K Money and show him that he too can make the change. 

This film features many up and coming actors.  The lead character Kevin `K Money` Warren is played by: Big Spence who has been crowned Be that `Kid` celebrity of the Year 2010.

Big Spence also recently finished two feature films; the first being `Moneyball` with Brad Pitt and the second `On the Road` featuring Kristen Stewart from the Twilight series. 

Big Spence (K Money) was excited when he was approached to be the lead in this film because of the positive message: It`s great to see such a positive message that`s real to life, and it`s refreshing to know that one no longer has to bring "Hollywood to Oakland because it`s already here."  Other actors supporting this film are: Brian Hooks who plays Derrion Nichols, he`s known for the film "3 Strikes;" Lakia Bailey who plays Kiana Smith, she`s known for the reality show Real "Chance of Love;" Wight Out who plays a group member, he was crowned `Bay Area` comedian of 2010; Ronique Marshall who plays Jamesha Warren, she`s known for the reality show `The Way It Is;` Jo`nez Cain who plays Constance Thomas, she`s known for Discovery Channels new show "Cuff me if You Can;" and Pharoah Charles Powel who plays Calvin Nichols.

Basketball 3:16 is set to be released on DVD spring of 2011. To follow the progress of this film or to leave a comment for the writer, director, or a cast member feel free to visit the facebook site at: This movie shows that life is not about judging a book by its cover, nor is it about our numerical age but rather about 
having faith, patients, and realizing everything is possible in God`s time and not our own.


by Mimi A.
Published: February 2nd, 2011

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Big Spence, The "Typhoon" of the Bay

Although Big Spence is not violent he is taking over the Bay Area by storm.  This Oakland native has worked on many films, television shows and commercials… It’s just a matter of time before this Will Smith christened actor blows up.  In 2010 alone Big Spence has Brad Pitt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Terrance Howard, Kristin Stewart, Kristen Dunst, Brian Hooks and that’s just to name a few. 

 On December 19, 2010 Big Spence attended the “Be That Kid’s –Kid’s Choice Award Show” as a celebrity guest and ended up walking away with the “Celebrity of the Year” Award.  T his event took place at the Historic Hoover Theater in San JoseThe Kid’s Choice Award Show was the 1st Annual program that was put on by David Flick and Cristina Ribeiro.  The goal is for this Show to become the next big thing.  This show consisted of singing, rapping, modeling and dancing.  The awards that were given out were “Best Female Singer” (Sabrina Signs), Best Male Singer” (JD Charisma), “Best Male Model” (Skyler Andrews) – Which Big Spence presented and many more.

After the show we spoke to Big Spence and he started of by saying “Spence loves the kids.” Big Spence then let us know that he is producing a film that will start shooting shortly in the San Jose area that will be utilizing many children.  It is great to know that Big Spence is continuing to produce films such as “Milk Money,” “Basketball 3:16,” “My Heart Songs” and his new one “Daddy’s Baby.”  Not only is he producing films but he’s keeping them right here in the bay area where they belong. 

Big Spence said, “I believe there are great and talented people right here.”  He says there are great directors here as well… Samm Styles (Milk Money), Carmen Madden (Everyday Black Man), Tony Vidal (The Prankster), Ramasses Head (Basketball 3:16), Robert Wakamatsu (Daddy’s Baby) and many more.  “Let’s continue to make quality films at home,” Big Spence stated.  Let us all support this man on his journey to greatness.

by Tony H.
Published: December 28t
h, 2010 

Contra Costa Times  - 


Be That Kid's -Kid's Choice Awards Show

The Be That Kid's Choice Awards is a  awards show presented  by Comcast TV. The event  honors the year's biggest achievements in drama, dance, music, fashion and more, as voted on by the Bay Area community. The event will feature a number of celebrities, musical and dance  performers. The winners are awarded with authentic trophy  designed with a special  theme.

The  ceremony will be  held on Sunday, December 19th  in San Jose , California and aired Monday, December  20th . The  show will be  hosted by Bay Area  Actress & Model Cassandra  Wlasenko  and  special guests.

David Flick and Cristina Ribeiro  came together, as Executive Producers, to create an award show for a Bay Area young demographic , somewhat older than that of the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards but similar to that of MTV.

The format of the show is  remained the same, awarding the achievements of those in the entertainment and fashion industries with traditional categories fixed into the ceremony. It will  be held at the Historic Hoover Theater  in San Jose  CA,  on Sunday , December 19th  2010. It airs  on a one day delay.

Votes could  be cast online through

The show will give  out genuine custom-made trophies  to individual winners in  a original design.

The Be That Kid's Choice Awards Nominees are:
Best Female Singer : Sabrina Signs , Kestina Marie, Janessa Cadiz , Andrea  Radu

Best Male Singer :JD Charisma , Skyler Andrews , Tre Harris, Lyndon Enon     

Best Female Actress:  Dora Nguyen , Kaitlyn O'Connell ,  Ivana Schmeing , Karina Doan

Best Male Actor: Braidan Lewis, Brian Qi, Calvin Nguyen, Skyler Andrews

Best Female Model : Tien Nguyen  ,Lauren Mendaros, Teya Nguyen  , Kristen Vrionis

Best Male Model : Brian Qi , Trey Miller , Anthony Cruz, Miguel Romo

Best Dance Troupe/ Company :  Studio 10 Dance, Tiffany Garcia, Mark Foehringer Dance, BTK , TDC

Best Celebrity: BigSpence, Papiha Nandy, Michele Gates, Charleston Pierce, Amanda Bach , Kamal Neil Suri

Best Fashion Designer : Rosemary Osorio,  Debbie Nghiem, Indu Arora,  Erandeny Torres . Swati Kapoor, Candice Janeen

Best Production Company : GG Connections, Charleston Pierce SF Productions, Supreme Network by Shaun McCledon, Be Rio Fashion & Productions , Be That Kid Productions

To purchase tickets click the link below:

Buy Tickets

Check out Big Spence in "The Prankster"

Big Spence in "The Prankster"


Chris Karas is the brilliant leader of The Pranksters, a secret society that rights the wrongs of high school by pulling sophisticated pranks on deserving oppressors. But with graduation looming ahead, Chris longs for more from life. Guided by the homespun wisdom of his charmingly eccentric Uncle Nick, Chris embarks on a challenging path of self-discovery and romance. Hilarious, heartfelt, and magical, The Prankster is an exciting new high school comedy, destined to be the next teen classic.

Released to DVD/NetFlix on September 2010



by Lexa D.

Published: September 2nd 2010

Big Spence's Interview - Michigan Film Reel

Jason James Check out Big Spence on Michigan Film Reel. Just Wrapped with "Win By Fall" in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Host Jason James interviewed, cast member of the movie "Win by Fall" shot in Rockford, MI.For more info about Big Spence visit his IMDB page at
Michigan Film Reel - ps. this interview was shot on an iPhone4

Click here to view Interview:


Just Call him BIG SPENCE

That's the name on the Screen Actor's Guild card of the up-and-coming Los Angeles actor, one of the stars of "Win by Fall," which filmed in Rockford and wrapped on Wednesday. He plays the assistant coach of a high-school wrestling team in the independent movie that also stars UFC fighter Dan Severn and was written by Hope College grad Joel Reisig (writer and star of "Fraternity House").

"It's a feel-good film about a team that's determined to become winners," Spence said via e-mail, during breaks in shooting. "My (character's) obligation in this film is to get my team in tip-top shape so we have a chance at competing."

Big Spence's acting resume includes bit parts in TV's "Californication" and "Ghost Whisperer," but he's also a producer of independent films. He acted and produced "Minor League: A Football Story" in Flint last year, where he first met Reisig. He's planning on bringing a Christian football film titled "The American Dream" to shoot in Grand Rapids in October.

His experience in Grand Rapids shooting "Win" -- budgeted at $200,000 and slated to be released on video next year -- was positive enough to convince him to bring his new production here.

"I own a Christian Production Company in California (Touch the Heart Productions), and I'm all about making quality films with positive people and making sure they get seen," he said.

"I was told about the film incentive, however, that is the farthest thing from our minds," Spence added. "If we were to obtain it, great, but we're more interested in making a quality film here in Grand Rapids. The difference between our production and most Hollywood productions that come here is, we will definitely be hiring Michigan cast and crew."


by John S.
Published: July
18th, 2010 

The Grand Rapid Press  - 



Big Spence is West | WOOD TV8

Big Spence is WEST

West coast names meet West movie making.  That's what's up when Big Spence comes to GR to celebrate his latest movie making in nearby Rockford. Hear all about it from the man himself on the set of eightWest first.

by Wood TV Channel 8.
Published: July 16th, 2010 

Wood TV  -


Win by Fall - News and Radio Grand Rapids, MI

Big Spence is currently on set in the state of Michigan filming Win by Fall.  He portrays assistant Coach Peoples.  Joel Paul Reisig, Rick Dawson, Kirstie Munoz, Jonathon Alderman, Roshaun Akeem and Dan 'The Beast' Severn are part of the main cast for this film.

Win by Fall gives us an insightful reminisent look into the memories associated with youth. The film allows us a peek into the many trials and tribulations of the high school athlete. A well rounded cast of characters give us a poignant view into the camaraderie of teammates, relationships between men and boys and sibling rivalry. A series of events quietly unfold and reveal the personal disappointments and the achievements imperative to young boys as they journey towards the discovery of adulthood. Win by Fall is scheduled to release in the summer of 2011.


RADIO, 91.3 WCSG Big Spence with Host John Balyo

     Click to hear audio  from July 16, 2010 
Your Family Friendly Morning Show, 91.3 WCSG  


RADIO, WPRR Public Reality Big Spence on the Johnnie Tuitel Show

Click to listen: Big Spence on the Johnnie Tuitel Show  Grand Rapids, MI which aired on July 20, 2010

by Lexa D.
Published: July 22nd, 2010


Milk Money: Even in Doubt, God's There!

This a realistic view of hard times and hardship, which can only be turned around through God`s inspiration and grace.  Shot in Oakland, California, this film highlights how far a man will go to save someone he loves, but will he go too far and lose his faith?

Banneker  was raised by his Christian Aunt Karyn, played by Phyllis Anderson, unexpectedly discovered she was diagnosed with cancer. Through all the doctors, hospitals, treatments, and prayers Banneker`s aunt continued down a slippery-slope with an adverse prognosis.  

D Rock, played byAlphonso Thompson, a long time hustler, convinced Bannerker that a CEO can make more money than a worker, which started him on the path of pushing a pharmaceutical grade THC on the streets. Soon the word got around and Bannerker was faced with serious trouble; his brother Cecil, played by Phaethon Devlin Brown, who owned the streets that Bannerker was working, wanted his cut of the money.

This intensely emotional adrenaline-ridden journey was directed by: Samm Styles, known for his work in 2007s Black August. He also worked with Kirk Franklin, MC Hammer, and Gary Dourdan.  The Cinematography was done by Luke Rocheleau, known for his refreshing artistic capabilities while working on projects like: Sherlock Holmes, Juko`s Time Machine, My Movie Girl, Renouncing Angelica, and The child. This film was written by Big Spence and Composed by Jason Solowsky.

This film already has DVD distribution and is now working on Theatrical.  For additional information regarding the release date and premier date, held in Oakland, go to the website at:, and become a fan on Facebook by going to:!/pages/Milk-Money-the-movie/330417426656?ref=ts

by Mimi A.
Published: April 22nd, 2010 

The Sop  -



America's Most Wanted Captured in Only 10 Days

Big Spence’s performance on the longest running show in America has help put a fugitive behind bars. Rafael J. Campbell, 25, was wanted in the fatal shooting of a Berkeley California man and the deaths of two others who were struck by the alleged


getaway car on May 16.   Campbell was on the run for 6 months and 1 day with very few leads. Big Spence’s performance, together with the millions of faithful viewers brought this fugitive to justice in just 10 days. At 12:45 p.m. Tuesday, U.S. Marshals, working with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's Northern California Fugitive Apprehension Team, and Sacramento police attempted to contact Campbell at a ground-floor apartment in Natomas, Sacramento County. Campbell attempted to flee out the rear of the apartment but was caught by Sacramento officers with police dogs who had surrounded the complex, police said. It's unclear why Campbell was in the Sacramento area, said Lenny Boyer, acting U.S. marshal for eastern California. The performance that aired on November 7th 2009 was done amazingly well, so well in fact, there were over 50 calls to the authorities that Big Spence was spotted. Luckily the right guy was arrested. 

You'd think since he appeared on AMW, triple-murder suspect Rafael Campbell should've laid low. However, he couldn't outrun the efforts of a large task force and two canine heroes when they tracked him down in Sacramento, California on November 17, 2009

by Chelsea P.  

Published: February 2nd, 2009 

Free Press Release  - -


More to the man Than Meets the Eye

Big Spence is not only an aspiring actor; he is producing an independent film, singing Christian Rap, and is raising 2 year old daughter, 9 year old step daughter & his 17 year-old younger brother.

Currently he is on set in Flint Michigan shooting a movie  called Minor League: A Football Story. The movie revolves around semi-pro football, and shows how the athletes play for the love of the game rather than for the TV deals and million dollar contracts. Big Spence`s character is Paul Johnson, and he plays the defensive captain and linebacker for the Detroit Diesel, "I love the football scenes because I play a linebacker and I get to hit people real hard. It brings back my football playing days for sure." However, the movie also has an edge to it because Big Spence`s character comes from the streets, "I play a drug dealer from the streets that always loved football, but didn`t have the grades to do anything with my talent. I have gold teeth, wear big diamond earrings, and I don`t take any lip from anyone, except my teammate `Smalls`."

Prior to this film Big Spence worked on Everyday Black Man, written and directed by the talented Carmen Madden and staring: Omari Hardwick, Henry Brown and Tessa Thompson; The Prankster, written and directed by Tony Vidal, and staring: Robert Adamson, Devon Werkheiser & Kurt Fuller;

 Big Spence has worked with Rob Schinder, Joe Pesci, Orlando Jones, Charlie Murphy, Robert Miano, and many more. However, he still aspires to work with a few major names in the industry, "I would love to work with Tom Hanks, Christina Gillian, Jamie Foxx, Tyler Perry and Kimberly Elise just to name a few."

 Raised by his grandmother, he was brought up in the church.Through his up-bringing he acquired his love for Christian Rap, but also received noble qualites from his grandmother and his faith in God, "My grandmother taught me that I should always represent God no matter where I am or what I am doing. Now I`m not saying I`m perfect because I`m not, however, I try to be the best me I can be." Because of these honorable qualities Big Spence is raising his younger brother, "I am now raising my 17 year old brother. I am really big on education and even though he`s a great basketball player, grades come first."

Big Spence leaves us with these humble words, "I am no better than anyone else, and I am aware that I am truly blessed. It is my job to be `The Light` wherever I go; my job is to represent GOD. Because of the blessings that I receive, wo am I not to be a blessing to someone else. After reading this, please be a blessing

by Mimi A.
Published: May 15th, 2009

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"Big Stan": Rob Schneider Directs Randy Couture, Don Frye, Big Spence & Bob Sapp

Wow.  What a lineup.

Rob Schneider marks his highly-anticipated directorial debut film about a mixed-martial arts coach falsely-accused of murder and sentenced to life in prison.  He ends up in San Quentin where he finds redemption through the prison’s yearly MMA tournament.  With the hot-tempered and brawny Bob Sapp, the quiet Randy Couture, the experienced Don Frye, and the eager young Big Spence, Rob Schneider learns the true meaning of courage and of life.

Well, not that it’s a better synopsis, but basically the film is about me wishing I was Rob Schneider and being able to work with four ridiculously hot and woofy bears…


Bob Sapp strips, gets beat up, then gets stripped further down to his leopard-designed undies*?  Consider me sold

by BearMyThology
Published: February 18th, 2008

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